Why Are My Lips Bigger in the Morning?

Have you ever woken up, looked in the mirror, and been startled to see your lips looking plump and swollen? I know I have! Many mornings I’ve awoken to find my lips puffy and irritated. If you experience the same phenomenon, you’re probably wondering what causes lips to enlarge overnight.

I used to worry there was something wrong every time I saw my inflated morning lips. However, it turns out that normal bodily functions are to blame for this common occurrence. Read on to learn why lips can appear bigger in the morning and tips to combat waking up with a puffy pout.

Gravity’s Effects on Lips Overnight

One of the main culprits behind enhanced lips in the AM is gravity. When we lie down to sleep, gravity pulls fluid downward into the lower half of the body. This results in swelling around the lips and eyes as blood flow and fluids accumulate in these areas.

Gravity causes blood to pool in the tiny capillaries around the lips, engorging them with extra circulatory fluid. The lips do not have lymph nodes to drain away excess interstitial fluid either. This combination of increased blood volume and lack of drainage leads to swollen, puffy lips after hours of remaining horizontal.

Lack of Movement Reduces Circulation

Another reason lips appear bigger in the morning is due to lack of movement overnight. During the day, we constantly contract muscles, gesture with our faces, and change positions. This movement encourages blood and lymph to circulate efficiently.

At night, our bodies remain still for hours in the same position. Without muscle contractions to act like a pump, blood and interstitial fluids stagnate and pool in the facial area. The lips swell up due to nonstop fluid buildup in local capillaries. An immobile body prevents proper drainage and circulation while we sleep.

Dehydration Worsens Lip Swelling

Failure to drink enough water before bed can also worsen morning lip swelling. When we are dehydrated, the volume of fluid in our blood vessels drops. This allows more liquid to leak out of capillaries and accumulate in surrounding mouth tissues.

Dehydration results in less fluid circulating to uphold volume inside our vessels. So the lips balloon up as plasma seeps out of capillaries and gathers in oral membranes. Drinking water before bed ensures adequate fluid levels to keep swelling down.

Tips to Reduce Swollen Morning Lips

Luckily, there are some simple tactics you can use to combat waking up with a puffy pout:

  • Sleep elevated: Keep your head elevated on an extra pillow to reduce the effects of gravity overnight. This prevents fluids from pooling heavily in the head area.
  • Stay hydrated: Be diligent about drinking enough water, especially in the evenings. Proper hydration keeps blood volume high so less liquid leaks into mouth tissues.
  • Apply lip balm: Use a moisturizing balm before bed to hydrate and protect lips. Lip balms with ceramides help strengthen the moisture barrier.
  • Exfoliate lips: Gently scrub lips 1-2 times per week to slough off dead skin and improve circulation. But avoid harsh, grainy products.
  • Avoid allergens: Review your nighttime hygiene routine for potential irritants. Things like toothpaste and lip products can trigger allergic reactions.
  • Mind your salt intake: Limit sodium consumption to avoid fluid retention. Cut back on salty, processed foods and beverages before bed.

Following these tips will help combat waking up with swollen lips in the AM. Be sure to consult your doctor if swelling is severe or you suspect an allergic reaction. But in most cases, morning lip puffiness subsides after being upright for a while.

Bigger lips morning

When to Seek Medical Care for Lip Swelling

Though puffy lips upon waking is normal, there are some situations when you should seek medical care:

  • The swelling is severe and persists for more than a few hours after getting up.
  • Your lips are extremely painful, red, and irritated.
  • Swelling is accompanied by symptoms like rash, hives, trouble breathing, or chest tightness.
  • You suspect the swelling is due to an allergic reaction.
  • Swelling only affects one lip, which could signal an infection.
  • You have risk factors like autoimmune disease that increase likelihood of swelling.
  • Lip enlargement continues daily and does not resolve during the day.

Consult a doctor promptly if your puffy lips do not go away shortly after waking, are accompanied by worrisome symptoms, or seem like an allergic reaction. These signs could point to a more serious issue requiring a medical evaluation.


In summary, lips commonly appear bigger in the morning due to:

  • Gravity causes fluid accumulation in lower extremities, including the lips, when lying down at night.
  • Lack of movement overnight prevents normal circulation and drainage, allowing fluid buildup.
  • Dehydration leads to less volume in blood vessels, so more liquid leaks into lip tissue.
  • All these factors result in enlarged, puffy lips after hours of sleeping in one position.

While annoying, this phenomenon is harmless in most cases. Focus on proper head elevation, hydration, and gentle lip care to minimize unwelcome AM swelling. And see a doctor promptly if symptoms seem abnormal or persist longer than usual.

Hopefully this article provided answers behind why your lips look so plump and swollen when you wake up in the morning. While frustrating, morning lip swelling is typically nothing to worry about and subsides after being upright. Use the tips provided to reduce uncomfortable puffiness. And don’t hesitate to seek medical care if swelling seems severe or abnormal. With proper precautions, you can say goodbye to exaggerated morning lips.

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