Is Aquaphor Good for Eyelashes?

If you’re looking to enhance your natural lashes, you may be wondering if Aquaphor can help. This versatile skin care product is often touted for its ability to moisturize and protect all parts of the body. But is it also effective for conditioning eyelashes?

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits, risks, and best practices for using Aquaphor on eyelashes. Read on to find out if this multi-purpose ointment can really help you achieve stronger, healthier-looking lashes.

What is Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is a popular skin protectant ointment made by Eucerin under the Beiersdorf brand. It contains a blend of nourishing ingredients like mineral oil, ceresin, lanolin alcohol, and glycerin.

This petroleum-based formula creates a semi-occlusive barrier that locks in moisture. It helps hydrate dry, cracked skin while also protecting against irritants.

In addition to its use as a healing ointment, Aquaphor is also marketed as a lip care product and moisturizer. It’s known for its versatility and ability to soothe many troublesome skin conditions.

Some of the key uses and benefits of this multi-purpose ointment include:

  • Healing dry, cracked, or irritated skin
  • Soothing diaper rash
  • Moisturizing extremely dry hands and cuticles
  • Softening rough patches and calluses on feet
  • Hydrating and protecting dry, chapped lips
  • Calming skin reactions like eczema or contact dermatitis

Benefits of Using Aquaphor on Eyelashes

Given its ultra-hydrating and protective properties, Aquaphor appears well-suited for conditioning eyelashes. Here are some of the main benefits you can expect:

Locks in Moisture

One of the hallmarks of Aquaphor is its ability to create a semi-occlusive barrier on the skin. This helps trap moisture against the surface while preventing water loss.

For eyelashes, this moisturizing effect can keep the hair follicles properly hydrated. Lack of moisture is a common cause of brittle, dry lashes that are prone to breakage.

Aquaphor helps condition lashes and make them more supple and resilient. Its thick, emollient formula provides lasting hydration that can prevent lash damage.

Prevents Breakage

In addition to dryness, breakage is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to lackluster lashes. Harsh makeup removal, rubbing, and styling can all cause lashes to become damaged or snap off prematurely.

By keeping lashes pliable and hydrated, Aquaphor helps significantly reduce breakage. The ointment’s protective barrier reinforces the structure of each lash and prevents the hair from becoming dry and brittle.

Regular application helps reinforce lashes against daily wear and tear. This allows you to retain more of your natural lash length.

Enhances Appearance

Another benefit of using Aquaphor is its ability to make lashes look glossier and more vibrant. The layer of emollient ointment reflects light and gives your lashes a smoother, healthier appearance.

Over time, the added hydration can also help lashes appear slightly thicker and fuller. By preventing breakage and conditioning each hair, Aquaphor allows your natural lashes to look their best.

Boosts Other Products

In addition to using it alone, Aquaphor can also boost the performance of other lash products in your routine. The ointment creates a protective seal that locks in the benefits of serums, conditioners, and oils.

Applying Aquaphor as a final step at night can help seal in moisture and nutrients from products applied underneath it. This amplifies their effects and allows the ingredients to penetrate more deeply as you sleep.


Does Aquaphor Help Eyelashes Grow?

While Aquaphor provides major benefits for protecting your existing lashes, what about actually spurring new growth? Here’s a look at the effect it has on the lash growth cycle:

Will Not Directly Increase Growth

On its own, Aquaphor is not formulated to stimulate faster lash growth. It does not contain proven growth factors like peptides, prostaglandins, or vitamins.

Simply moisturizing and conditioning lashes is not enough to directly alter their natural growth cycle. So using Aquaphor alone will not cause significant changes in how fast your lashes are able to grow.

May Prevent Unnecessary Loss

However, by conditioning lashes and preventing breakage, Aquaphor can help you retain more of the length that your lashes are able to achieve.

When lashes become brittle and damaged, it causes them to fall out prematurely before reaching their maximum length. Aquaphor’s protective effects help keep lashes intact, allowing them to complete their entire growth phase.

Can Boost Growth Serums

While Aquaphor does not contain growth-stimulating ingredients, it can help maximize results when used in combination with lash conditioners or serums that do.

Applying a layer of Aquaphor over products that contain peptides, essential oils, or prostaglandins can seal in the benefits. This allows the active ingredients to be better absorbed so they can work most effectively.

So it acts as a booster to amplify and extend the growth-promoting effects of other lash products.

How to Apply Aquaphor to Eyelashes

If you want to test out using Aquaphor on your lashes, here are some tips for application:

Patch Test First

Before applying any new product near your eyes, it’s wise to do a patch test. Simply apply a small amount of Aquaphor to your arm and leave it for 24-48 hours.

Check for signs of redness, itching, or irritation, which could indicate an allergy. Only proceed with using it on your lashes if no reaction occurs.

Application Tips

When ready to use, dip a clean cotton swab or spoolie brush into the Aquaphor. Carefully apply a thin, even layer along the tips of your top and bottom lashes.

Try to avoid getting the product into your eyes, as it can blur vision and be irritating. Focus just on coating the ends of your lashes.

For best results, apply before bed and wear an eye mask to allow the ointment to penetrate overnight. Use a gentle makeup remover in the morning.

Reapply daily or every other day to continue reaping the conditioning and protective benefits for your lashes.

Use With Other Products

As mentioned, Aquaphor works great as a sealing step when used with other lash products like serums or oils.

Start by applying your conditioning serum as directed, then follow up with a layer of Aquaphor on top. This locks in the active ingredients so they can work more powerfully overnight.

Risks and Warnings

Though generally safe for most, there are some precautions to keep in mind when using Aquaphor on eyelashes:


Aquaphor contains lanolin, an ingredient derived from sheep wool oil. For those with sensitivities, lanolin may cause an allergic reaction.

Discontinue use of the product if you experience any stinging, redness, or swelling around the eyes. These could be signs of a lanolin allergy.

Avoid Contact with Eyes

Take care not to get Aquaphor directly in your eyes, as it can temporarily blur vision and cause irritation. Always apply to lashes with a light hand.

If accidental contact occurs, flush eyes out immediately with clean water. Do not attempt to remove the ointment forcefully, as this may scratch the cornea.

Do Not Use With Contacts or False Lashes

Aquaphor is much too thick and occlusive to be used comfortably with contact lenses. The ointment can also break down lash glue and cause false lashes to detach.

When using either contacts or false lashes, switch to a gentler lash conditioner instead of Aquaphor. Or remove both before applying to avoid issues.


In summary, Aquaphor offers major benefits for conditioning and protecting natural lashes. Its thick, petrolatum-based formula excels at sealing in moisture and preventing breakage.

With regular use, Aquaphor helps lashes look healthier, suppler, and more vibrant. It will not directly increase lash growth, but can help maximize results from dedicated growth serums.

Take care when using Aquaphor around the delicate eye area. Patch test first and avoid direct contact with eyes. With some prudent precautions, this multi-purpose ointment can be a great asset for enhancing your lashes.

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