Is Laura Mercier Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

With the rising popularity of cruelty-free beauty, many cosmetics buyers want to know: is Laura Mercier cruelty-free and vegan? As an ethical consumer, you want to avoid brands that test on animals or use animal-derived ingredients. So what is Laura Mercier’s stance?

In this article, we’ll examine Laura Mercier’s cruelty-free and vegan claims, and look at the evidence behind them. You’ll learn whether Laura Mercier tests on animals or uses animal ingredients. Let’s dive in.

Laura Mercier’s Cruelty-Free Claims

First, let’s look at Laura Mercier’s cruelty-free claims. On their website and social media, Laura Mercier states:

“We do not test our products on animals, except when required to do so by law.”

At first glance, this seems to suggest Laura Mercier is cruelty-free. However, where it is necessary by law, that statement leaves room for animal testing.

This careful wording allows the brand to test on animals when mandatory. It also means they likely do test in countries like China, where cosmetics testing on animals is required.

So are they truly cruelty-free? Let’s analyze further.

Is Laura Mercier Certified Cruelty-Free?

Many brands obtain certification from organizations like Leaping Bunny or PETA to support their claims of cruelty-free practices. This proves they don’t test on animals globally.

Laura Mercier is not Leaping Bunny certified. When asked why, they stated:

“We have not pursued third party certification at this time.”

Laura Mercier is also not certified by PETA as cruelty-free. Again, they have not sought third-party certification to verify their stance.

This lack of independent cruelty-free certification is concerning. It casts doubt on whether Laura Mercier is 100% committed to ending animal testing.

Many customers wish Laura Mercier would pursue respected cruelty-free certifications to back up their claims. But so far, they have not done so.

Laura Mercier’s Parent Company Shiseido

To understand a brand’s cruelty-free status, you also have to look at the parent company.

Shiseido, a major manufacturer of cosmetics worldwide, is the owner of Laura Mercier. Additionally, Shiseido conducts animal tests when required to do so by law.

On their website, Shiseido states:

“We are not yet able to eliminate all animal testing of our products. Animals are sometimes used to assure the safety of ingredients and products.”

As a Laura Mercier consumer, you are indirectly supporting Shiseido through your purchases. As a result, while under Shiseido’s ownership, Laura Mercier cannot make the claim to be completely cruelty-free.


Does Laura Mercier Sell in China?

Laura Mercier does sell in mainland China, either in stores or through ecommerce.

And China legally requires animal testing on any imported cosmetics. So Laura Mercier’s products likely undergo testing when entering China.

This mandatory testing means Laura Mercier cannot honestly claim to be cruelty-free while selling in the Chinese market.

So, Is Laura Mercier Cruelty-Free?

Given all the above, here is the bottom line:

  • Laura Mercier carefully words cruelty-free claims with loopholes
  • They refuse to pursue respected third-party certifications
  • Parent company Shiseido openly tests on animals
  • Laura Mercier sells in China where required animal testing applies

For these reasons, Laura Mercier cannot be confirmed as 100% cruelty-free. While they claim not to test on animals, legal loopholes and sales in China leave that open to doubt.

As an ethical shopper, you cannot fully trust Laura Mercier’s cruelty-free claims. If avoiding animal testing is important to you, Laura Mercier has work to do.

Laura Mercier’s Stance on Vegan Products

Now that we’ve examined cruelty-free claims, let’s look at Laura Mercier’s vegan options.

Some consumers seek vegan makeup to avoid animal ingredients like beeswax, carmine, or honey. So is Laura Mercier vegan?

On their website, Laura Mercier states:

“We are continuously working on creating more vegan options using alternative sources to beeswax and carmine.”

This indicates Laura Mercier is not 100% vegan currently. But they aim to expand their vegan offerings.

Animal Ingredients in Laura Mercier Products

Upon inspecting Laura Mercier products, you’ll find many contain beeswax.

Honey bees produce beeswax, making it non-vegan. There are vegan waxes like soy, candelilla, or synthetic alternatives. But Laura Mercier sticks with beeswax.

Some Laura Mercier products also contain carmine, a red pigment derived from crushed cochineal insects. This is also non-vegan.

Additionally, a few products include honey as an ingredient. Honey comes from bees, so is avoided by vegans.

So, Is Laura Mercier Vegan?

In summary:

  • Laura Mercier acknowledges they currently use non-vegan ingredients
  • Many products contain animal-derived beeswax, carmine, and honey
  • They say they aim for more vegan options, but no timeline is given

So while Laura Mercier offers some vegan products, the brand overall cannot be considered 100% vegan at this time.

If you want makeup that is guaranteed free of animal ingredients, Laura Mercier may not fully meet your needs currently.

What Laura Mercier Could Do Better

For customers seeking cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics, Laura Mercier leaves room for improvement. Here are some steps they could take:

  • Pursue respected cruelty-free certifications like Leaping Bunny or PETA
  • Eliminate sales in China until mandatory animal testing ends
  • Switch from beeswax to vegan waxes like soy, synthetic or candelilla
  • End use of carmine and commit to 100% vegan pigments
  • Set clear timelines for achieving vegan status across all products

With these changes, Laura Mercier could become a brand that ethical consumers can unreservedly support. But currently, doubts remain around their animal testing and ingredients.

Top 5 Cruelty-Free and Vegan Makeup Brands

If you’re looking for makeup brands that are verified cruelty-free and vegan, here are five great options:

  1. Elate Cosmetics – Offers premium makeup with organic ingredients. Leaping Bunny certified and 100% vegan.
  2. Pacifica – Boasts playful, affordable vegan makeup. Leaping Bunny certified and PETA approved.
  3. Milk Makeup – Trendy makeup line that is 100% vegan. Leaping Bunny certified.
  4. Deciem – Parent company of The Ordinary features clinical vegan skincare and makeup. Leaping Bunny certified.
  5. E.L.F. Cosmetics – Budget-friendly vegan makeup. Leaping Bunny certified and registered by PETA.

These brands offer guilt-free makeup without animal testing or ingredients. With their help, you can shop ethically and cruelty-free.

The Takeaway

When selecting beauty brands, make sure to research their ethics. Look beyond claims on the website to find the reality.

For Laura Mercier, while they make some positive steps, doubts linger around true cruelty-free and vegan status.

As mindful consumers, we can make better choices by digging deeper. Seek out independent certification and transparency around ingredients and sales.

By purchasing from ethically aligned brands, we send a message. Cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics are the future. One day, with enough support, animal testing and ingredients can end for good.

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