Hooded vs. Non Hooded Eyes – Differences and Similarities

I’ve noticed that eye shape is something people pay attention to when analyzing facial features. As someone who has hooded eyes, I used to feel self-conscious about it. But over time, I’ve learned to appreciate the unique beauty hooded eyes can have.

In this post, I’ll break down the difference between hooded eyes and non-hooded eyes. I’ll also discuss some of the pros and cons of each eye type.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes are eyes where the upper eyelid skin droops over the crease, making the lid appear smaller. With hooded eyes, you can’t see much (if any) of the actual eyelid crease when your eyes are open. The hooding often covers part or all of the eyelid crease.

Some key features of hooded eyes include:

  • Excess upper eyelid skin that hangs over the crease
  • The visible part of the eyelid appears smaller
  • The crease may be hidden by the hooding skin when eyes are open
  • They can make eyes appear smaller overall

Types of Hooded Eyes

There are a few different types of hooded eye shapes:

  • Prominent: The most common type of hooded eyes. There is a lot of excess, saggy upper eyelid skin.
  • Hidden: The eyelid crease totally disappears when eyes are open.
  • Partially Hidden: Some of the eyelid crease is covered by the hooding.
  • With Asymmetry: One eye has more hooding than the other eye.

So in summary, if your upper eyelid skin covers your actual eyelid crease, you have hooded eyes. The degree of hooding determines whether they are prominent, hidden, partially hidden, or asymmetric.

Hooded and non hooded eyes

What Are Non-Hooded Eyes?

Non-hooded eyes have a visible eyelid crease when the eyes are open. There isn’t excess upper eyelid skin drooping over the crease area. Some features of non-hooded eyes:

  • The actual eyelid crease is visible when eyes are open
  • Wide range of mobility for eyelid skin
  • Perceived as larger and more “awakened” looking
  • No drooping, saggy upper eyelid skin

If you can see your actual eyelid crease when your eyes are open, then you have non-hooded eyes. The mobility of the eyelid skin isn’t restricted by excess hooding skin.

Eye Shapes For Non-Hooded Eyes

Non-hooded eyes come in different natural shapes too, such as:

  • Round eyes
  • Almond eyes
  • Upturned (cat eyes)
  • Downturned

So you can have round non-hooded eyes or almond shaped non-hooded eyes, for example. The common factor is having that visible eyelid crease when eyes are open.

Comparing Hooded Vs. Non-Hooded Eyes

Now that we’ve covered the major features of hooded and non-hooded eyes, let’s directly compare them:


  • Hooded eyes: Excess, saggy upper eyelid skin covers eyelid crease
  • Non-hooded eyes: No excess upper eyelid skin, crease is visible

Perceived Size

  • Hooded eyes appear smaller
  • Non-hooded eyes appear more open and larger

Eyelid Mobility

  • Hooded eyes have restricted eyelid mobility
  • Non-hooded eyes have full mobility of eyelid skin

Ease Of Makeup Application

  • Trickier eye makeup application for hooded eyes
  • Easier eye makeup application for non-hooded

Common Concerns

  • Hooded eyes: Masking small appearance, asymmetry
  • Non-hooded eyes: Typically fewer appearance complaints

Appearance Over Time

  • Hooding often increases with age
  • Non-hooded eyes retain youthful appearance longer

Overall, you can see there are some definite distinctions between hooded vs. non-hooded eyes when it comes to appearance, function, makeup application, and age-related changes.

Neither eye type is necessarily “better” — they simply have their own unique qualities and characteristics.

difference between the hooded and the non hooded eyes

The Positives Of Hooded Eyes

Even though hooded eyes have some drawbacks, they also have many beautiful and alluring features we should recognize! Some pros of having hooded eyes include:

1. They Can Look More Mysterious

The drooping hoods can make the eyes appear deeper set and alluringly mysterious. When artfully applied, makeup can accentuate this effect. A sultry, smoky eye paired with hooded eyes can achieve a very dramatic impact.

2. You Get A Built-In Eye Shadow Primer

All that excess lid skin acts as a great base and primer to grip eye shadow. With non-hooded eyes, eye shadow primer is essential to prevent fading and creasing. But with hooded lids, the skin can secure pigment on its own.

3. Low Maintenance Eyeliner Placement

The position of the hood itself acts as a sort of stamp for where to apply eyeliner. There’s no guessing needed to get liner placement just right!

4. Youthful Appearance Over Time

As we age, eyelid skin starts to naturally droop. Hooded eyes essentially have built-in anti-aging protection since that excess skin is already there! While non-hooded eyes may start showing signs of wrinkling and sagging, hooded eyes retain a more consistent appearance.

5. You Can Create Cool Effects With Cut Creases

Cut crease makeup looks amazing on hooded eyes. By apply color just above the hood, it peeks out perfectly when eyes are open. Cut creases allow those with hooded lids to get creative and artistic with eye makeup application. Moreover, Hooded eyes and the Mexican hairstyles are a perfect combination.

So although hooded eyes come with challenges, they offer many aesthetic advantages too. Once you learn tips and tricks to enhance their unique shape, hooded eyes can allow more creativity and depth.

Tips For Enhancing Hooded Eyes

If you want to play up the beauty of your hooded eyes, here are some makeup tips to try:

Define The Brow Bone

Using highlighter right beneath the eyebrow further accentuates the hoods. For wide open appearance, brush highlighter powder along whole brow arch.

Lift The Eyes Upwards

Elongate the eyes by blending dark shadow or liner along the upper lash lines. Avoid bringing any darkness below lower lashes. Keep things light there.

Try An Upturned Style Liner

Give off a “cat eye” effect by flicking liner upwards from outer corners. This style liner visually lifts hooded eyes up.

Add Depth With Shadow

Use a range of eye shadow shades. Apply deepest color on lash line and hood area. Get lighter applying up towards brow arch. Adds dimension!

Curl Lashes Well

Curling the lashes helps open up eyes appearing smaller due to hooding. Use lash primer first then curl with heated lash curler if possible.

Consider “Open Hood” Surgery

In some cases, blepharoplasty surgery can remove excess skin for a more open, awake look. There will still be some hooding left over, but just less drastic.

Many celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, Sophia Loren, and Zoe Saldana have naturally hooded eyes. With the right makeup strategies, hooded eyes can be made to feel like an asset rather than a flaw.


Here are answers to some common questions people have about hooded eyes vs. non-hooded eyes:

Are hooded eyes more attractive?

There is no consensus on whether hooded or non-hooded eyes are more attractive. Beauty is subjective! Some people adore the sultry, mysterious look of hooded eyes. Others prefer the bright, wide-eyed appearance of non-hooded shapes. Both can certainly be beautiful!

Do guys find hooded eyes attractive?

Some men do gravitate towards hooded eyes and find them charming. But plenty of men also go for non-hooded eyes too. Different people are drawn towards different features. Rather than worrying what “guys” prefer, the most important thing is learning to appreciate the unique beauty of your own eye shape.

Can I go from hooded eyes to non-hooded?

In some cases, yes! As mentioned above, a surgical procedure called blepharoplasty can remove excess hooded eyelid skin. It lifts up the skin and makes the eyes appear larger and less hooded. But there may still be some hooding leftover since for some people it’s just how their bone structure is built.

Do eyelash extensions work well on hooded eyes?

They can! The key is getting extensions long enough so they can peek out from beneath the hood, opening up the eyes more. Also, a lash curl can help lift the extensions upwards. Make sure your lash artist has experience working on hooded eyes specifically.

No matter your natural eye shape, the most important thing is learning how to enhance it rather than hide it. Both hooded and non-hooded eyes offer their own special magnetism. Play up what makes your eye shape unique with the right makeup techniques and philosophy!

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