Do eyelashes grow back if cut?

Eyelashes play an important role in protecting our eyes from dust and debris. Many people are concerned about what happens when eyelashes are cut or fall out—do eyelashes grow back if cut? In this article, we’ll explore the eyelash growth cycle, discuss whether cut eyelashes can regrow, and provide tips on how to encourage healthy eyelash growth.

Understanding the Eyelash Growth Cycle

Human eyelashes follow a specific growth cycle that lasts between 4-11 months. The cycle includes three main phases:

Anagen Phase – This is the active growth phase where the hair follicles are long and anchored firmly in the eyelid. Eyelashes can grow 0.15-0.2mm per day during this phase which lasts about 30-45 days.

Catagen Phase – The transition phase where eyelash growth stops. Eyelashes detach from the blood supply and anchor to the follicle. This phase is brief, lasting 2-3 weeks.

Telogen Phase – The resting phase where eyelashes shed naturally after completing the growth cycle. This phase lasts around 3-4 months before the follicle reenters the anagen phase to start regrowing the eyelash.

Factors like age, hormones, medications, and overall health can impact the eyelash growth cycle and rate of growth. As we get older, eyelashes may become thinner and slower to regrow.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back If Cut?

If you accidentally cut your eyelashes, don’t panic – the good news is that in most cases, the eyelashes will grow back. Here’s a more detailed look at what happens when eyelashes are cut and how long regrowth takes:

  • Eyelash follicles are usually undamaged if eyelashes are cut or fall out prematurely. As long as the follicle remains intact, the eyelash can regenerate.
  • Eyelashes that are cut during the anagen (growing) phase will start regrowing immediately after being cut. Regrowth may take 4-8 weeks.
  • Eyelashes cut during the telogen (resting) phase may take longer to start regrowing, up to 12 weeks. The follicle needs to re-enter the growth phase first.
  • In rare cases, such as chronic eyelash pulling or improper eyelash extension application, the follicle can be damaged. A damaged follicle may regenerate thinner, lighter eyelashes over a few growth cycles.
  • Overall, with normal follicles, cut eyelashes grow back to their original thickness, color, and length within a few months after being cut.

So in summary, yes – eyelashes often grow back normally if they are accidentally trimmed or fall out. Be patient during the regrowth process and avoid disturbing the area. If you’re concerned about slow regrowth, see an eye doctor.

Impact of Eyelash Extensions and Treatments

Eyelash extensions and lash lift treatments aim to enhance the appearance of natural lashes but must be done properly to avoid damage. Here’s how these treatments impact regrowth:

  • Eyelash extensions adhere to existing lashes and shed off along with natural eyelash shedding. Lash glue can pull out lashes prematurely if extensions are applied improperly. This may cause patchy areas as new lashes regrow.
  • Excessive eyelash curling with mechanical eyelash curlers risks pulling out lashes. The follicle remains intact so eyelashes grow back, but too much curling can weaken follicles over time.
  • lash lift uses a chemical perm solution to curl lashes semi-permanently. It does not damage follicles when done correctly. However, sensitivities can cause irritation and shedding.
  • Eyelash tinting temporarily colors lashes and does not affect the growth cycle. However, sensitivities to the tint chemicals can rarely occur.

Overall, properly qualified professionals must administer these lash treatments while using secure application methods and materials. Neglecting aftercare or overusing treatments often causes more excessive lash shedding that disrupts normal regrowth.

Home Remedies to Help Eyelashes Grow Back

While cut eyelashes will usually grow back on their own, many people use home remedies to try and stimulate faster regrowth. Here are some popular natural methods:

  • Coconut oil has fatty acids and vitamins to condition lashes and follicles. Apply a little with a clean mascara wand nightly.
  • Vitamin E oil hydrates the area. Gently massage a few drops into the lash line daily.
  • Castor oil contains antioxidants and proteins. Use a clean brush to coat lashes before bedtime.
  • Green tea and chamomile tea have antioxidants that may promote hair growth. Soak a cotton pad and apply like a compress to closed eyelids.
  • Aloe vera gel has enzymes and polysaccharides that help strengthen follicles and lashes. Smooth on lightly before bedtime.
  • Olive oil conditions lashes. Mix a few drops into moisturizer and apply along the lash line.

These remedies help reduce brittleness and enhance overall lash health for better regrowth potential. However, remember to be gentle around the eyes and discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

Medical Treatments for Eyelash Regrowth

If you are concerned about very slow or thin eyelash regrowth, talk to a dermatologist. They may prescribe targeted medical treatments like:

  • Latisse – This FDA-approved lash serum contains bimatoprost to stimulate follicles. Apply along the upper lash line once daily. May cause iris discoloration in some cases.
  • RevitaLash Advanced – A peptide-based lash conditioner to enhance growth. Apply to the upper lash line once per day.
  • GrandeLASH-MD – Contains vitamins and amino acids to improve hair appearance. Brush onto the upper lash lines once a day.
  • Prescription minoxidil – A topical solution that can be specially formulated at lower concentrations for use along the upper lash line to boost growth.

These products require consistent use for 2-4 months to see results. They can help sparse or thinning lashes recover fuller volume through prolonged treatment. Discuss with your eye doctor to determine if a prescription treatment may help if over-the-counter remedies do not help regrow your eyelashes adequately.

Preventing Eyelash Damage

You can help prevent unnecessary eyelash damage by being gentle with your lashes:

  • Use a gentle touch and high-quality products when applying eye makeup. Avoid rubbing and tugging lashes.
  • Remove eye makeup thoroughly with a gentle eye makeup remover – avoid scrubbing.
  • Limit use of eyelash curlers. Use gentle heated curlers instead of crimping metal curlers if curling.
  • When wearing false lashes use semi-permanent glue and proper removal technique to avoid pulling out lashes.
  • Allow mascara to soak off during removal. Do not pull off clumps forcefully.
  • Seek trained professionals for eyelash extensions and lifts to avoid damage from improper application. Avoid overlapped extensions.
  • Take breaks between lash extension fills to allow natural lashes to rest and shed naturally.
  • Remove eye makeup thoroughly before bedtime to avoid irritation of follicles that can cause shedding.

With some care and patience, your eyelashes can recover from any minor cuts or mishaps. See an eye doctor right away if you experience any sudden, unexplained eyelash loss.



In most cases, cut or pulled out eyelashes will fully grow back thanks to the natural regrowth cycle of lash follicles. It typically takes 4-12 weeks for lashes to regenerate after being cut depending on factors like the growth stage. While eyelashes regenerate, using natural remedies like oils may help encourage healthy regrowth, but are not necessary. Avoid damage from harsh makeup removal and eyelash treatments for best results. With proper care, your beautiful eyelashes can retain their full thickness and length even if they are accidentally trimmed or fall out.

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