What Are The Benefits Of Ice For Lips?

I’ve always been curious about those beauty hacks that suggest rubbing ice cubes on your face or lips. It seems counterintuitive to put something freezing cold on your skin, but people swear by it for reducing puffiness, minimizing pores, and more. As someone who struggles with chronically dry lips, I wondered – could ice actually help my lips too?

After doing some research, I learned there are actually some great benefits to using ice on your lips! Here’s a deep dive into everything you need to know about icing your lips.

Cooling Down Irritation and Inflammation

One of the biggest perks of ice for lips is its ability to calm down irritation, inflammation, and swelling. If you have chapped lips, angular cheilitis, cold sores, or sunburned lips, an ice cube can provide sweet relief.

The cold temperature helps to numb and soothe pain and discomfort. It also constricts the blood vessels under the skin, reducing blood flow to the area. This decrease in circulation reduces swelling that may be causing your lips to look puffy.

I like to wrap an ice cube in a paper towel or cloth and gently press it against my lips for 5-10 minutes whenever they are inflamed. The cooling sensation instantly takes down the swelling and redness.

Restoring Moisture and Preventing Dryness

Restoring Moisture and Preventing Dryness

Using ice on your lips may seem counterintuitive for dry, flaky lips. Wouldn’t the cold just dry them out more? Surprisingly, the opposite is true! The coldness actually helps draw moisture to the surface of the skin, hydrating lips and preventing dryness.

Rubbing an ice cube over your lips increases blood circulation. This rush of blood to your lips brings nutrients and moisture. Increased blood flow is also beneficial for healing cracked or split lips.

Make sure to follow up icing with a nourishing lip balm or mask. This locks in the moisture and prevents any windburn from the ice. I like using a natural honey mask after icing to deeply condition my lips.

Plumping Up Your Pout

While the plumping effect is temporary, rubbing ice on your lips does give the illusion of a slightly fuller pout. The cold causes your lips to flush, increasing blood flow to the area. The rush of blood expands the blood vessels, giving your lips a boost in size and color.

This trick can come in handy right before a big event or date when you want your lips to look extra luscious! Just run an ice cube over your lips, then immediately apply your favorite lip plumping gloss. The combination maximizes fullness for a limited time.

Prepping Lips Before Lipstick Application

Icing your lips is the secret prep step you need before lipstick application! The slight swelling and increased blood flow plumps up your lips and creates a smooth, even canvas. This allows your lip color to glide on flawlessly.

The cold also constricts oil production, ensuring your lips aren’t too slick before applying lipstick. Dry, icy lips allow the color to adhere better and last longer without feathering or fading.

Next time you want your lipstick to look perfect, run an ice cube over your lips before applying color. Just make sure your lips are dry before swiping on your lipstick so it doesn’t slip and slide.

Caution Against Over-icing

While icing your lips does have benefits, be careful not to overdo it. Too much time with ice directly on your lips can actually damage the delicate skin. The extreme cold can burn or even blister your lips.

Here are some tips to ice your lips safely:

  • Wrap the ice in a paper towel or cloth before applying to lips
  • Gently glide the ice over lips instead of rubbing harshly
  • Limit icing to 5-10 minutes max at a time
  • Allow lips to return to normal temperature before re-icing
  • Always follow up with lip balm or mask to hydrate lips

My Experience Icing My Lips

As someone prone to dry, flaky lips I was thrilled to find that icing could actually help hydrate my pout! I decided to put this hack to the test myself and here’s how it went:

The first time I pressed an ice cube wrapped in a paper towel to my lips, I’ll admit it was uncomfortable. The extreme cold made me catch my breath! But after a few seconds my lips started to go numb.

At the 1 minute mark, I began gliding the ice cube over my lips. It started to feel refreshing. At 5 minutes, my lips looked noticeably pinker and slightly plumper. They also felt smoother to the touch – no more flakes!

Once I removed the ice, my lips maintained their rosy glow for several minutes. They stayed hydrated and didn’t dry out again for a few hours. Now I ice my lips a few times a week anytime they are looking a little sad. It always perks them right up!

When to Avoid Icing Your Lips

While generally safe, there are some circumstances where you’ll want to skip icing your lips:

  • If you have latex, metal, or other allergies – the cold could trigger a reaction
  • If lips are cracked or split – the extreme temperature could worsen injuries
  • If you have circulatory issues like Raynaud’s disease – icing can reduce blood flow
  • If you’re about to be out in cold weather – it could increase chances of frostbite
  • If lips are already numb – this is a sign of nerve damage from over-icing

The Magic of Ice Globes and Lip Plumping Tools

Ice cubes aren’t the only frosty tools you can use to perfect your pout. Lip plumping globes and tools are specially designed to massage and stimulate lips using the power of cold.

Ice globes are skincare devices made from stainless steel or quartz crystal. You chill them in the fridge or freezer, then glide the rounded end over your lips. The smooth sphere allows you to evenly distribute pressure and cold over your entire lip area.

Ice Globes and Lip Plumping

Lip plumping tools take ice globes one step further by combining chilling effects with suction technology. These handheld devices have a silicone attachment that you place over your lips, then push a button to trigger suction.

The suction physically draws blood to the surface of your lips while the ice constricts vessels. This doubles the plumping and coloring effects. Lip suction tools provide temporary enhancement with no pain or downtime.

Post Lip Injections

Ice Your Lips Post Lip Injections

If you get lip fillers like Juvederm or Restylane to plump your pout, icing should be part of your post-treatment care. Applying an ice pack right after injections helps minimize swelling and discomfort.

The cold constricts blood vessels, slowing circulation to the area. This reduces inflammation, redness, and potential bruising.

Just be sure to ice in moderation – no more than 20 minutes at a time. Extended or aggressive icing could disrupt the fillers and impact results. Let your lips fully thaw in between icing sessions.

Continue gently icing your lips at home as needed over the next 3 days post-injections. Stay hydrated and load up on arnica to further minimize bruising.

Ice Your Lips Before Liposuction

Pre-icing your lips is also recommended before getting liposuction to enhance your cupid’s bow or create more definition. The cold will numb the area to make the procedure more comfortable. Post-procedure, icing will reduce swelling for faster results.

Say Goodbye to Hair Around Your Lips with Ice

If you want to remove those annoying little hairs around your lips, you can actually ice the area first for a more comfortable waxing or threading experience. The chilling minimizes pain and discomfort by numbing the lips and hair follicles.

Apply an ice cube wrapped in cloth directly to the area for 5 minutes pre-wax. Then let your esthetician do their thing – you’ll hardly feel it! The cold also constricts vessels to reduce potential redness, bumps, and irritation from the hair removal process.

Combine Icing with Lip Massage Tools

For the ultimate lips pampering experience, try combining an icing session with use of a lip massager tool. These handheld devices have silicone attachments designed to simultaneously exfoliate, massage, and stimulate blood flow to your lips.

Run an ice cube over your lips, then use a lip massager to increase circulation even further. The massager removes dead skin and products better absorption of any lip masks or balms applied after.

This two-step combo leaves your lips incredibly soft, smooth, and plump! Try it before a big night out when you really want your lips to wow.

Simple DIY Recipes to Soothe Sore Lips

If your lips are really in need of some TLC, whip up one of these simple home remedies featuring the healing power of ice:

Iced chamomile tea bags: Brew a few chamomile tea bags, then chill in the fridge or freezer. Place over your lips for an anti-inflammatory effect.

Cucumber-ice lip cubes: Blend peeled, seeded cucumber with a bit of aloe vera and freeze in an ice cube tray. Rub on lips for cooling hydration.

Honey-ice lip scrub: Mix a teaspoon of honey with ice water and gently rub on lips. Rinse after 5 minutes. Honey nourishes while ice provides circulation.

The Takeaway

After exploring all the ways ice can improve lip appearance and feel, I’m a total believer in this beauty hack. When used properly, ice offers a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to get soft, smooth, hydrated lips.

Just be careful not to overdo it, and always follow up your icing session with a nourishing balm. Get ready to frost your pout for a beautiful, temporary boost anytime!

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