Is Aussie bad for your hair?

With their signature purple bottles and budget-friendly prices, Aussie hair products have become a staple on drugstore shelves. I’ve been interested in their recent Aussie Miracle Curls collection launch as someone with naturally curly hair. But a lingering question remains: are these mass-market products actually good for curly locks?

I decided to take a deeper look at Aussie’s ingredients, product claims, and overviews to determine if their formulations live up to their marketing. Whether you have fine and frizzy curls or thick, coarse coils, read on for an in-depth analysis before you reach for that purple bottle.

Aussie Hair Care

Aussie first made a splash in the 1990s with their combination of wallet-friendly pricing and attention-grabbing branding. Their products cater predominantly to the mass market, aiming to deliver salon-quality results without the high price tag.

Product lines like Aussie Mega, Aussie Moist, and Aussie Sprunch are targeted at a range of hair types and textures. In 2019, the brand also launched the Australian-inspired Aussie Miracle Curls range, specifically for curly manes.

With increased visibility of the curly girl method and brands embracing textured tresses, it made strategic sense for this drugstore favorite to address coily crowns. The question is: should curly girls bite?

Assessing Aussie’s Suitability for Curly Hair

When assessing any hair product’s suitability, the first place to start is always the ingredient list. Certain components can exacerbate dryness, frizz and damage for curls.

I took a look at some of Australia’s most popular product lines to gauge their curl compatibility:

Aussie Mega Range

The Mega range features the brand’s signature Australian Jojoba Oil and is targeted at dry, damaged hair needing some extra moisture. Key ingredients like jojoba oil, coconut oil and shea butter are generally beneficial for thirsty curls.

However, the formulas also contain drying alcohols and sulfates. These may compromise hydration for tight coils andcause frizz. Those following a strict curly girl routine would likely want to avoid these.

Aussie Moist Range

Similarly, the Aussie Moist line aims to help parched locks with the addition of soothing Australian aloe extract. The shampoos and conditioners do feature those harsh sulfates, though, making them less ideal for porous curly tresses.

The Aussie Moist Miracle Moisture Mask is free of sulfates and silicones. So it may provide a hit of hydration without buildup.

Aussie Sprunch Range

The Sprunch products promise to perk up limp locks and inject hair with long-lasting volume. Many formulas in the range contain proteins to strengthen strands and polymers for all-day va-va-voom.

While great for boosting body, proteins require extra moisture for curly hair. So kinkier textures may experience dryness or brittleness from overuse of these volumizing products. Those with protein sensitivity should patch test before diving into regular use.

Aussie Bad or good For Your Hair

The Miracle Curls Range – A Revelation for Coils?

In contrast, Aussie’s dedicated curl range pledges customized care from “root to tip” for curly crown. Free of sulfates and silicones, the collection includes shampoo, conditioner, curl defining oil, co-wash cleansing creme, curl refresher spray and more.

It’s clear that Aussie is ticking all the right boxes for the curly girl community. But do the products deliver on their promised transformation?

Understanding Aussie’s Hero Ingredients for Curls

Across all their product offerings, Aussie does include ingredients that can benefit curls. Let’s explore some of the key components to keep on your radar:

Australian Jojoba Oil

A frequent flyer across Australia’s ranges is Australian jojoba oil. This botanical mimics the natural oils produced by our scalps. So it’s an excellent emollient to soften strands and lock in moisture.

Coconut Oil

Another curl favorite, coconut oil is a powerful hair conditioner. Its fatty acids help nourish and hydrate parched strands from within. Aussie harnesses this tropical oil in products like their 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner.

Avocado Oil

Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, avocado oil moisturizes and protects dry, damaged locks. It features in the Miracle Curls Co-Wash Cleansing Creme.

Aloe Vera Extract

Known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera makes an appearance across many Aussie collections. It helps calm irritation and hydrate thirsty curls in need of TLC.

Macadamia Nut Oil

Prized for its ability to penetrate hair strands, macadamia oil smooths and softens while adding brilliant shine. It imparts some of its nourishing effects to the Miracle Curls Frizz-Fighting Style Butter Cream.

What Ingredients Should Curly Girls Approach With Caution?

Just as beneficial ingredients can nourish coils, certain components may compromise curl health. Here are some to be mindful of when reading Aussie’s labels:


Frequently added for lather and cleansing action, sulfates can strip natural oils and damage delicate curl patterns. Many Aussie lines (outside Miracle Curls) do contain sulfates, which may cause dryness or frizz for some.


Similarly, silicones provide conditioning, slip and frizz control in hair products. But they can lead to limp curls or product buildup over time. Assessing your current routine can determine if you already have sufficient silicones on the scene.


Not all alcohols equate to drying effects. Fatty alcohols like cetyl alcohol moisturize strands and aid product absorption. Meanwhile, small chain alcohols like isopropyl alcohol or benzyl alcohol can sap hydration. These are present across some Aussie ranges, so monitor hair and scalp health accordingly.


While smelling spectacular seems ideal, added fragrances can irritate sensitive scalps. Many opt for fragrance-free products instead. So if your scalp is easily inflamed, proceed with caution regarding scented Aussie products.

Now, let’s explore some of Aussie’s hero curl products and how consumers rate their reviving effects for ringleted tresses.

Deep Diving Into Aussie’s Miracle Curls Range

Coconut Scented Miracle Curls Shampoo

True to name, this sulfate-free cleanser emanates sweet coconut as it hydrates curls. Key ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera and sea kelp extract aim to remove impurities without stripping strands.

Analyzers praise its lightweight lather and yummy tropical fragrance. Some do note it may not thoroughly cleanse thicker, oilier hair on its own. So you may need to occasionally clarify from silicones or oils with stronger surfactants.

Frizz Fighting Miracle Curls Conditioner

Following shampoo, the matching conditioning formula seeks to boost softness and shine while fighting frizz. Avocado oil, macadamia nut oil and hydrolyzed wheat protein aim to nourish, smooth and strengthen curls.

Many analyzers highlight exceptional slip from this conditioner, making detangling less arduous. However, some note that the lightweight formula doesn’t provide sufficient hydration or frizz control for tightly coiled textures.

Miracle Curls Hydrating Milk Detangler

When wrestling with knots, this strengthening detangler aims to make combing less painful. Infused with Aussie’s signature Australian jojoba, it provides slip and hydration to curls, promising to minimize breakage.

Analysis indicate the cream does help smooth out tangles with minimal frizz. However, multiple consumers note that you need significant product amounts to evenly coat strands from roots to ends. So you may run through bottles quicker than expected.

Miracle Curls Frizz Fighting Buttercream

After washing, this styling butter provides a fatty cream base to clump coils and define texture. The formula includes smoothing macadamia nut oil and frizz-fighting bamboo extract to enhance definition.

Many analyzers highlight exceptional curl definition and prolonged frizz control from this styler. Though some note it falls short at locking in moisture long term compared to thicker balms or custards.

Miracle Curls Mousse

If you prefer foam over creams, this moisturizing mousse defines curls sans stiffness or flakes. The formula infuses strands with nourishing aloe vera and strengthening wheat protein.

Consumers generally praise the soft, touchable hold and lack of sticky residue from this mousse. Though some curly girls feel other stylers provide superior definition and volume for their coils.

The Takeaway: Assess Aussie Products by Your Hair Needs

It’s clear that Aussie does check several boxes with their emphasis on botanical ingredients and sulfate/silicone-free formulations. For those new to coily care or seeking budget alternatives, the Miracle Curls range deserves a swirl and scrunch.

Keep in mind though that no two curls are the same. So a miracle product for one head may cause headaches for another. Before grabbing that purple bottle, gauge if the ingredients and intended effects align with your hair needs and preexisting routine.

Monitor your strands to see if Aussie products deliver on smoothness, moisture, and definition for your unique texture. If your curls end up limp, dry, or frizzy over time, it may be best to return to your staple stylers. Remember to listen to your hair’s needs and not just marketing claims.

With some trial runs, you may discover that select Aussie products perfectly nourish your coils without compromise. And who can argue with drugstore prices and tantalizing tropical scents? Just be wary of overusing proteins or potential irritants based on your history.

So don’t write off Australia just yet. But don’t expect their products to be one-size-fits-all cystal-ball solutions. Find what works for your texture by looking past the labels to your hair’s actual response. With some savvy swapping and customization, you can likely build an Aussie multi-step routine that helps your curls thrive affordably.

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