Top 9 Best Hairstyles For Older Women With Glasses

Choosing a new hairstyle can be a challenging task, especially for individuals over 50 who wear eyeglasses. The presence of glasses adds an extra factor to consider when selecting a hairstyle that complements both the face shape and the spectacles.

It is important to find a balance that enhances the overall appearance and brings out the best features.

When choosing a new hairstyle, it is crucial to take into account three key factors: face shape, spectacle style, and hair color. These elements play a significant role in determining which hairstyle will best suit the individual.

The right hairstyle can highlight facial features and work harmoniously with the glasses, creating a cohesive and stylish look. By considering all three factors, one can achieve a hairstyle that enhances their natural beauty.

Sleek Blonde Bob

Sleek Blonde Bob for older women with glasses

The sleek blonde bob is a versatile hairstyle that works exceptionally well for eyeglass wearers over 50 with oval face shapes and oversized glasses. This hairstyle helps to balance the proportions of the face and complements the size of the glasses. The clean lines of the bob add a touch of sophistication, while the blonde color brings warmth and vibrancy to the overall look.

One of the advantages of the sleek blonde bob is its ability to add dimension to thin or medium hair. The layered ends create movement and texture, giving the hair a fuller appearance. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with fine hair, as it can make their hair look more voluminous and textured.

Styling options:

  • Blow dry straight to showcase subtle yet stylish layers: To style the sleek blonde bob, one option is to blow dry the hair straight. This technique showcases the subtle yet stylish layers of the cut, allowing them to stand out. It results in a sleek and polished look that is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. This styling option is quick and easy, making it suitable for individuals with a busy lifestyle.
  • Tuck ends under with straightening irons for a polished look. Another styling option for the sleek blonde bob is to use straightening irons to tuck the ends under. This technique creates a polished and refined appearance, adding a touch of elegance to the overall look. By tucking the ends under, the bob maintains its sleekness while giving a slightly different silhouette. This styling option is ideal for more formal events or when aiming for a more sophisticated vibe.

Loose Brunette Curls

Loose brunette curls are an excellent choice for eyeglasses wearers over 50 with diamond or heart face shapes. The softness and volume of the curls help to soften the angles of diamond-shaped faces and enhance the delicate features of heart-shaped faces. This hairstyle creates a flattering frame around the face, accentuating its natural beauty.

To complement the loose brunette curls, opting for soft color options such as auburn or warm honey can enhance the overall look. These warm tones harmonize with the natural richness of the curls, adding depth and dimension to the hairstyle. The soft colors also bring warmth to the complexion, creating a vibrant and youthful appearance.

To further enhance the loose brunette curls, incorporating a sweeping side fringe can make a significant difference. This technique helps to disguise a wide forehead often associated with diamond or heart face shapes. The sweeping fringe draws attention to the eyes and adds a touch of elegance to the overall look. Pairing this hairstyle with small, understated frames creates a balanced and harmonious appearance.

Fun Pixie Cut

Fun Pixie Cut for older women

The fun pixie cut is a bold and daring option that allows eyeglasses wearers over 50 to showcase their bold statement glasses as the focal point of their look. By keeping the hair short and minimalistic, the attention is drawn to the glasses, making them stand out and adding a touch of personality and style to the overall appearance.

The unique pixie cut with a longer front and asymmetric fringe adds a touch of fun and playfulness to the overall look. The longer front sections create a versatile and dynamic style, allowing for various styling options. The asymmetric fringe adds an edgy element to the hairstyle and balances the look with the boldness of the glasses.

The fun pixie cut creates a balanced and fun appearance by combining the boldness of the glasses with the unique haircut. This hairstyle is perfect for individuals who want to make a statement and express their individuality through their eyeglasses and hairstyle. It is a confident and vibrant choice that adds a youthful and energetic vibe to the overall look.

Tight Curly Lob

For eyeglasses wearers over 50 who want to make a bold statement, the tight curly lob paired with a vibrant red hair hue creates a striking and eye-catching look. The vibrant color contrasts beautifully with the frames, creating a spectacular clash that grabs attention and exudes confidence.

Choosing a lengthier cut like a lob, or a long bob, is beneficial for individuals with naturally curly hair. The longer length helps to control the volume of the curls, making the hair more manageable and enhancing the overall shape of the hairstyle. The tight curls in the lob create a stunning contrast and allow the vibrant color to stand out even more.

To maintain the polished and put-together look of the tight curly lob, it is essential to manage frizz and flyaways. Daily application of smoothing cream or gel helps to control frizz and keep the curls defined and well-behaved. This step ensures that the hairstyle looks sleek and stylish throughout the day, enhancing the overall appearance.

Straight and Natural

Straight and Natural hairstyle for over 50 women with glasses

The straight and natural hairstyle embraces a natural and edgy aesthetic, perfect for individuals who want a low-maintenance yet stylish look. This hairstyle celebrates the beauty of long grey hair, achieved using straightening irons to create a sleek and straight texture. The goal is to underemphasize harsh lines, making it an excellent choice for heart or diamond face shapes.

To complement the straight and natural hairstyle, pairing it with Harry Potter-style round glasses creates a unique and distinctive look. The long grey straight hair softens the facial features and adds a touch of sophistication. However, it is not recommended for individuals with oval face shapes, as it may elongate the face further.

By combining glasses with a straight and natural hairstyle, one can achieve a nerdy-chic look that exudes confidence and style. The glasses add an intellectual and fashionable touch, while the straight hair provides a sleek and polished appearance. This combination creates a harmonious and trendy aesthetic.

Red Shag Crop

Red Shag Crop for over aged women with glasses

The red shag crop is an ideal hairstyle for individuals with round face shapes as it helps to minimize the circular lines and create a more elongated appearance. The layers and texture in this haircut add dimension and structure to the hair, creating a flattering frame around the face. The goal is to achieve a balanced and proportionate look.

To make the red shag crop stand out, texture and volume play a crucial role. The layers and choppy ends of the haircut add depth and interest to the overall look. This texture and volume ensure that the hairstyle stands out in a crowd and adds a playful and youthful element to the appearance.

To maintain the desired texture and volume in the red shag crop, it is important to prevent the hair from lying flat. Applying texture paste or powder to the roots and ruffling the hair with fingers helps to create a tousled and effortless look. This technique adds movement and prevents the hair from appearing too sleek or flat.

Shaped Black Layers

The shaped black layers hairstyle is a stunning choice for individuals with long black hair. The layers are strategically placed, focusing on the front section to frame the facial silhouette. This technique adds depth and luster to the hair, creating a luxurious and glamorous look.

By focusing the lengthy layers on the front section, the shaped black layers hairstyle creates a flattering frame around the face. This framing effect enhances the facial silhouette and draws attention to the individual’s features. The layers bring movement and dimension to the hair, making it a dynamic and eye-catching style.

To achieve a cohesive look, it is essential to balance the shape of the glasses frames with the shaped black layers hairstyle. The goal is to create a harmonious and balanced appearance where the hairstyle and glasses complement each other. This ensures that the overall look is polished and stylish.

Long and Glam Highlights

The long and glam highlights hairstyle creates a stunning and glamorous look when paired with glasses. The highlights add dimensional tones to the locks, making them appear radiant and luxurious. This hairstyle is particularly captivating when combined with eyeglasses, as the highlights enhance the overall aesthetic and create a harmonious balance.

To achieve the best results, opting for lengthy highlights in a hue that matches the frames of the glasses is recommended. This creates a cohesive and visually pleasing look, where the highlights and frames complement each other. The lengthy highlights add visual interest and depth to long hair, providing a sense of texture and movement. Additionally, this versatile hairstyle can be styled in a smooth and polished manner or left tousled for a more relaxed and casual vibe.

The long and glam highlights hairstyle, when paired with glasses, achieves a youthful, feminine, and breathtakingly beautiful appearance. The combination of the highlights and glasses creates a striking visual effect that draws attention and accentuates the individual’s features. This hairstyle is an excellent choice for eyeglasses wearers over 50 who want to exude elegance and confidence.

Short Ombre

Short Ombre for aged glasses women

The short ombre hairstyle offers a neat and refined hairdo that pairs well with glasses. The ombre or balayage color effect adds a touch of sophistication and depth to the hairstyle. The gradual transition from one color to another creates a visually appealing gradient that elevates the overall look. This hairstyle is particularly suitable for individuals who prefer a more polished and put-together appearance.

The key to achieving the perfect short ombre hairstyle is keeping the cut short and no-fuss, with the length skimming the chin. This length complements the facial silhouette, creating a balanced and harmonious look. Moreover, the short length makes the hairstyle easy to maintain and style, allowing for a hassle-free and time-efficient hair routine.

To enhance the overall aesthetic of the short ombre hairstyle, adding a pop of color through standout frames is highly recommended. Opting for eyeglasses in an eye-catching hue or pattern creates a bold and fashion-forward statement. The contrast between the hair and the frames adds an extra element of visual interest and creates a striking overall look.

Finding What Suits

While fashionable hairstyles can be inspiring, remember that not every style will work for everyone. Each individual has unique features, a unique face shape, and personal preferences that should be taken into consideration when choosing a hairstyle. What looks amazing to one person may not necessarily suit another. It is crucial to find a hairstyle that complements your specific attributes and enhances your natural beauty.

To find the perfect hairstyle, it is essential to try out different options and explore various styles, colors, and glass combinations. Consider your face shape, complexion, and personal preferences when experimenting with different looks. Trying out different hairstyles allows you to see how they interact with your features and whether they create the desired effect. It is through this process of trial and error that you can discover the hairstyles that truly suit you.

To get personalized recommendations and expert advice, it is highly recommended to consult a professional hairdresser. A skilled hairdresser can assess your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle to provide tailored suggestions that suit you best. They have the knowledge and expertise to guide you in finding a hairstyle that enhances your features and works well with your glasses. A hairdresser can also offer insights into hair care and styling techniques that can help you maintain your desired look.

By seeking professional advice, you can save time and effort by focusing on hairstyles that are more likely to suit you. Hairdressers are trained to consider various factors, such as the natural flow of your hair, the amount of time you are willing to spend on styling, and your personal style preferences. Their expertise can help you navigate through the vast array of options and find the hairstyle that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

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