How To Glow Up: The Complete Guide

We all deserve to feel good in our own skin. When we’re unhappy with our appearance or lack self-confidence, making positive changes can help us embrace the best version of ourselves. It’s time for a total transformation – a glow up!

What Exactly Is A Glow Up?

A “glow up” refers to a dramatic transformation or impressive improvement in someone’s style or overall look. It’s all about feeling confident, stylish, and just better about yourself overall.

While a glow up often focuses on physical changes to your appearance, it’s also an opportunity for personal growth. It’s about finding happiness and embracing your individuality. I realized I was ready for a change. I wanted to find my own style, improve my self-confidence, and take better care of myself both physically and mentally.

When you’re ready to stop feeling invisible and start feeling invincible, a glow up can change your outlook. By taking care of your body, experimenting with fashion, and focusing on self-love, you can reveal the best version of yourself.

Step 1: Get Your Body Glowing

Get Your Body Glowing

Before I could feel good on the outside, I needed to improve my physical health. Here are the strategies I’ve used to get fit, healthy, and radiant:

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is crucial for clear, glowing skin. I aim for eight glasses of water every day. I like to add lemon slices or fruit to my water bottle to liven things up.

Prioritize Sleep

Beauty sleep is real! Aim for seven to nine hours per night so your skin cells can regenerate and repair. I love using a silk pillowcase because the smooth fabric doesn’t tug at my hair and skin.

Sweat It Out

Regular exercise keeps me feeling energized and confident. I mix up my fitness routine with activities I enjoy like cycling, yoga, and dance classes. Moving my body has been key for weight loss and toning.

By keeping my body nourished, rested, and active, I’m already starting to glow from the inside out!

Step 2: Glow Up Your Skincare

Glow Up Your Skincare

Now let’s talk skincare – one of the most important steps for a dramatic transformation! Here’s my tips for clean, clear, flawless skin:

1. Cleanse

I wash my face morning and evening to remove dirt, oil, and impurities. Using lukewarm water, I massage my cleanser gently into my skin and rinse thoroughly.

2. Exfoliate

Two or three times a week, I exfoliate to whisk away dead cells and reveal fresh new skin. Focus on your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead.

3. Moisturize

Immediately after cleansing, I apply a hydrating moisturizer suited to my skin type. This helps lock in moisture so my skin stays supple.

4. Makeup

When I do wear makeup, I choose non-toxic, skin-friendly options. Removing makeup thoroughly each night allows my skin to breathe.

5. Sunscreen

As the final step of my skincare routine, I make sure to apply broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. This protects my skin from sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Following these simple steps has given me a natural glow. You don’t need expensive products – just focus on the basics for a radiant complexion.

Step 3: Discover Your Signature Style

Now for the fun part – finding your own personal style! I’ve embraced expressing myself through fashion. Here are some tips:

Experiment with Colors

Add pops of color that complement your complexion. I have olive skin, so I love wearing emerald green, cobalt blue and magenta. Don’t be afraid to get playful!

Find Prints and Patterns You Love

Liven up your look by mixing prints like polka dots, florals, and stripes. Contrasting patterns in the same color family keeps things cohesive.

Invest in Quality Basics

Build your glow-up wardrobe with timeless staples like jeans, t-shirts, blazers and black dresses. Look for pieces made from high-quality, long-lasting fabrics.

Wear Lingerie That Makes You Feel Sexy

Even if no one sees it, wearing luxurious lingerie gives me a secret confidence boost. Choose lace, silk and satin fabrics in colors that make you feel seductive.

Fashion is such an empowering form of self-expression. Have fun finding your own glow up style!

Step 4: Change Up Your Hair

Change Up Your Hair

If you’re craving an instant confidence booster, try a new hairstyle! Here’s how I stepped out of my comfort zone:

The Big Chop

For years I clung to my long hair like a safety blanket. But I was ready for a change. I took a leap and chopped my locks into a blunt bob! My new short style feels edgy and chic.

New Hue

Adding subtle highlights help frame my face while brightening my complexion. Ask your stylist for a look that enhances your natural features.

Channel Your Inner Celebrity

Find hair inspiration from Hollywood icons like Julia Roberts’ gorgeous waves or Halle Berry’s showstopping pixie cut. Choose a style that makes you feel like a star!

With the right cut, color and style you can reveal a whole new you!

Step 5: Find Your Signature Scent

Smelling amazing makes me feel sexy and confident. Here are my tips for finding the perfect signature scent:

Choose a Fragrance Family You Love

Explore different fragrance families like floral, fresh, musky or woody. I personally love warm vanilla notes. Choose a scent that reflects your personality.

Try Something New

Go beyond your comfort zone! I used to only wear light, fruity fragrances until I tried a seductive oriental perfume. The new mysterious scent makes me feel bold.

Find Your Forever Fragrance

When you find a perfume that makes your heart sing, invest in the largest bottle. Your signature scent should be long-lasting and unforgettable.

With the perfect perfume, you’ll leave a sensational impression wherever you go!

Step 6: Treat Yourself to Self-Care

Pampering yourself is an important part of the glow up process. Try these feel-good self-care ideas:

Take Relaxing Bubble Baths

There’s nothing more luxurious than unwinding in a warm, bubbly bath surrounded by candlelight and soft music. I like to add Epsom salts to soothe sore muscles.

Indulge in a Massage

Treat yourself to a therapeutic massage once a month to melt away tension. Ask for a aromatherapy oil like lavender to promote relaxation. You’ll feel heavenly afterwards.

Have Regular Movie Nights

Set aside time to catch up on movies you’ve been wanting to see. Make it special with comfy PJs, wine and a cheese board. It’s wonderful self-care time.

Taking time to recharge leaves you fully energized to shine bright in your glow up journey!

Step 7: Pamper Your Hands and Feet

Getting regular manicures and pedicures is a must for soft, beautiful hands and feet. Here are my top tips:

Start with an Exfoliating Soak

To smooth rough skin, start by soaking fingers and toes in a bowl of warm water, sugar scrub, and essential oils. Gently rub to buff away dry patches.

Pick a Polish Color That Pops

Having polished nails instantly elevates your look. Choose a lacquer in your signature shade – one that makes you feel confident and sexy. I love vampy reds and pretty pastels.

Finish with a Hydrating Massage

After neatly shaping and painting nails, massage in a rich hand and foot cream. This nourishes for touchably soft skin.

Regular manis and pedis are such a mood booster! Take time to pamper your hands and feet.

Step 8: Book Beauty Treatments

To supplement my at-home routine, I also visit salons for glow-boosting treatments. Here are some of my favorites:


Nothing revives tired, dull skin like a deep cleansing facial. Monthly appointments help extract impurities, smooth fine lines, and reveal radiance.

Hair Treatments

Protect your locks with regular trims plus conditioning treatments. Ask your stylist about repairing options like keratin or conditioning masks. You’ll have glossy, vibrant hair.

Brow Shaping

Getting your eyebrows professionally shaped opens up your eyes and frames your face. Choose a technician who specializes in brows for the best results.

Regular salon treatments enhance your natural beauty. Don’t be shy about pampering yourself!

Conclusion: Embrace Your Own Glow Up Story

The journey to increased confidence and self-love is a process. Don’t feel pressured to change overnight. Focus on small steps that make you feel good. Drink enough water, move your body, and nurture your spirit.

Remember that true beauty shines from within. Embrace your unique glow up path to reveal your inner light. The most important opinion is your own. Shut out judgement and surrounding yourself with positive people who appreciate the real you.

You have the power to transform yourself on your terms. Choose what makes you feel happy, healthy and confident. I’m excited to continue my glow up journey. Let your inner radiance shine bright!

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