High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones? The Key Difference

As humans, we often judge strangers at first glance based on their facial features. Over the years, I’ve noticed how high cheekbones are revered as a symbol of beauty, while those with low cheekbones are deemed less attractive. But after studying my own cheekbone structure closely in the mirror, I’ve learned to embrace my facial qualities regardless of society’s standards.

In this article, I’ll walk you through my personal journey to understanding high vs low cheekbones – from learning what cheekbones actually are to analyzing their prominence on my own face. We’ll also explore the factors impacting cheekbone visibility, cultural perceptions of beauty, and methods for enhancing cheek structure. My goal is to inspire self-love for your unique bone structure.

Demystifying the Cheekbone

To start, let’s demystify cheekbones. What are they exactly and why do they matter?

Cheekbones, also known as the zygomatic bones, are two bony structures located underneath the eye sockets on each side of your face. Their function is to support daily activities like chewing, speaking, and making facial expressions. Cheekbones also play an important role in nonverbal communication, shaping the overlying soft tissue to express emotions.

Now that we understand the purpose of cheekbones, let’s analyze what makes some more prominent than others.

High Cheekbones compared with Low Cheekbones

Factors Impacting Cheekbone Visibility

There are a few key factors that influence how visible your cheekbones appear:

Aging Effects on Cheekbones

As we age, our faces naturally lose fat, especially in the cheeks. This leads to hollowed cheeks and often more pronounced cheekbones. Gravity also pulls skin downward over time. And bone loss in other facial areas like the jaw can make cheekbones stand out more.

Weight Gain/Loss and Cheekbones

The amount of fat in your cheeks also significantly impacts cheekbone visibility. Gaining weight can make cheekbones less visible as facial fat increases and smooths contours. Losing weight often has the opposite effect of creating a more hollow, cheeks look, revealing the cheekbones .

Lifestyle Influences on Cheek Fat

Choices like smoking and certain drug use can impact facial fat distribution and collagen production, which affect your cheekbones. Overall, maintaining a healthy lifestyle supports your face in retaining plump cheek fat which softens the edges of your cheekbones.

Analyzing My Cheekbones in the Mirror

After learning what impacts cheekbone prominence, it was time to study my own facial structure. Using a simple trick with a mirror and bright light, I carefully analyzed the placement of my cheekbones.

Here are the step-by-step results of my self-examination:

  1. I relaxed my face completely and looked straight ahead into a well-lit bathroom mirror.
  2. Starting from the inner corner of my left eye, I ran my index finger slowly down the side of my face, feeling for the hard bump of my cheekbone.
  3. I gently pressed into the skin to locate where my facial tissue transitioned from soft to the bony ridge of the cheekbone.
  4. I repeated these steps on the right side to find my other cheekbone.
  5. Upon careful examination, I noticed my cheekbones sit relatively high and close to my eye area and upper bridge of my nose.
  6. This tells me I likely have more prominent, high cheekbones rather than low cheekbones which sit closer to the bottom of the nostrils.

Studying my facial structure closely instead of judging quickly from a distance allowed me to understand and appreciate my high cheekbone placement. I realized this is simply how my face is structured – and that’s perfectly okay.

Perception of High vs Low Cheekbones in Society

After my self-examination, I researched how others perceive high vs low set cheekbones in terms of attractiveness. Here is some of what I discovered:

  • Beauty and facial appearance are highly subjective – despite what media portrays as the “ideal” look, peoples’ preferences differ greatly.
  • High cheekbones are revered in many cultures as they are associated with elegance and grace. However, some cultures value round, full cheeks over prominent cheekbones.
  • Some studies show high cheekbones are linked to perceived trustworthiness in western cultures. But the reasoning behind this correlation remains unclear.

The most important takeaway is that all faces are unique and have value beyond physical appearance. There are no “good” or “bad” cheekbones! Learning to embrace your natural facial qualities is key.

Options for Enhancing Cheekbones

If you wish to enhance your cheekbones, either temporarily or permanently, there are a few options to consider:

Non-Invasive Solutions

  • Facial exercises, like sucking in your cheeks or blowing air, can naturally tone cheek muscles over time. Massage also helps circulation and lymphatic drainage for a sculpted look.
  • Chewing gum engages muscles around the mouth and jawline to give your cheekbones definition.
  • Makeup contouring with strategic highlighting and shadowing creates the illusion of hollowed cheekbones.

Invasive Procedures

  • Dermal fillers, like hyaluronic acid, temporarily add volume to reshape the cheeks and accentuate the cheekbones. Results last around 6-12 months.
  • Cheek implants are silicone shells placed surgically over the cheekbone to permanently augment its shape. They create a sharper definition of your natural structure.

As you consider potential treatments, make sure to consult experienced providers on the risks and benefits. Focus on a natural-looking enhancement that aligns with your facial features.

My Final Reflections on Cheekbones

After going on this educational cheekbone journey, I’ve learned to smile confidently regardless of my facial structure.

While my high cheekbones are not as prominent as some celebrity faces, they are uniquely mine. I will continue doing facial exercises and massages to encourage circulation and muscle tone in my visage. But I will not let society’s standards of beauty define how I see my own reflection.

My hope is that you also feel empowered to embrace your one-of-a-kind cheekbone structure after reading this article. Remember that all faces have beauty and value far beyond the superficial. Keep smiling and let your inner light shine through!

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