What Jewelry Colors Look Good With Navy Blue Dresses?

Navy blue is one of my favorite colors to wear. It’s classic, sophisticated, and goes with just about everything. But when it comes to accessorizing a navy blue dress, I’m often stumped about what jewelry colors look best. I want to make sure my accessories enhance my outfit rather than clashing.

So I did some research on jewelry that pairs beautifully with navy blue dresses. Whether you’re wearing a navy dress for a formal event, an office party, or casual weekend plans, you’ll want to choose jewelry in colors that complement the rich blue hue. Here’s my complete guide to picking jewelry for a navy blue dress.

Silver Jewelry Complements Navy Blue Dresses

silver Jewelry with blue dress

Silver is one of the most versatile metals that goes with just about any color. Its neutral tone allows the navy blue dress to take center stage. I find that silver jewelry always enhances my navy blue outfits.

When my navy dress is simple without too much embellishment, I opt for bolder silver jewelry. Large hoop earrings, chunky bracelets, and long necklaces catch the light beautifully against the deep blue fabric. Intricate silver pendants and cuffs also make a statement.

However, if my navy dress already has a lot of interesting details like lace, sequins, or cutouts, I choose simpler silver jewelry. Small stud earrings, thin bracelets, and delicate chains allow the embellishments on the dress to shine.

I like to play with different silver jewelry textures when accessorizing a navy dress. Pairing shiny pieces with brushed metal creates a nice contrast. A structured cuff paired with long, flowy earrings also looks great.

To add a fun pop of color, I’ll carry a bright red clutch or wear cherry red pumps with my navy and silver outfit. This makes the look exciting while keeping the jewelry classic and neutral.

Gold Jewelry Adds Warmth to Cool Navy Hues

Gold Jewelry with Navy Hues dress

Gold jewelry brings a sense of warmth and richness that complements the cooler navy blue tones beautifully. Depending on the particular shade of my navy dress, I select jewelry in a matching gold hue.

For a dress with warm navy undertones, I wear yellow gold jewelry to enhance the vibrancy. When my dress has cooler undertones, I opt for white gold pieces instead, as that metal tone meshes better.

Rose gold also pairs gorgeously with navy blue for a more modern, stylish look. I tend to avoid wearing too much gold jewelry from head to toe, which can come across as overly flashy. A few key gold statement pieces are sufficient.

I pay attention to the neckline of my navy dress when picking gold necklaces. For something like a V-neck, I might do a gold pendant that draws the eye downward. With a higher bateau or crew neckline, I’d go for a short choker-style necklace instead.

The goal is to strike that perfect balance between my navy dress and gold accessories for a sophisticated, elegant finish.

Classic White, Cream, and Pastel Pearls Work Nicely with Navy

White Pastel with Navy dress

Pearls immediately come to mind when I think of accessorizing a navy dress. Their white, cream, or light pink hues pair so nicely with the deep blue. Pearls have a timeless, elegant quality that I adore.

A strand of creamy white pearls is my go-to for fancier evening navy dresses and events. I also love wearing soft pastel pink or rose pearl necklaces with my casual navy day dresses. Those add a pretty pop of understated color.

Depending on the neckline of my navy dress, I carefully choose the pearl necklace length and style. For something with a higher neck, short chokers work great. With a V-neck or scoop neckline, longer strands are best.

Since pearls have that intrinsic elegance, I keep my other jewelry minimal to let them stand out as the focal point. Simple stud earrings, a delicate bracelet, and my pearl necklace make the perfect trio.

I finish the look with neutral metallic shoes and bags in silver, gold, or rose gold to complement the pearl tones. The overall effect is classic navy blue dress styling at its finest.

Vibrant Red Jewelry Makes a Bold Statement Against Navy

Red Jewelry with Navy dress

While pearls may be the traditional choice, red jewelry takes navy dress accessorizing in a bold new direction. Red’s fiery brightness contrasts gorgeously with the dark blue for real visual impact.

I first consider my skin tone when choosing red jewelry, as some shades complement each other better than others. Cooler cherry reds flatter those with pink undertones, while deeper burgundies look lovely with warm golden undertones.

For maximum drama, I’ll rock a big statement necklace in red against my simple navy sheath dress. Or I’ll do matching cherry-red chandelier earrings for a glam night-out look. However, I’m careful not to overdo it by pairing two huge statement pieces.

If I’m wearing my navy dress for a daytime event, I stick to smaller, more delicate red jewelry like thin bangles or a dainty necklace. For evening affairs, I break out the bold, vibrant pieces.

A third color, like metallic shoes or a nude bag, helps balance the strong contrast between red accessories and navy. I also love adding a red belt as another way to break up the two colors.

Subtle Pops of Pink Jewelry Enhance Navy Blue

Pink Jewelry with Navy Blue dress

Along with red, pink jewelry mixed with navy makes for a chic combination. But instead of creating high contrast, pink has a more subdued effect against the navy backdrop.

I stick with pink jewelry in shiny silver, gold, or rose gold metals rather than colored pieces. These metallic pink hues blend with the blue dress seamlessly. Pastel pink is my go-to for daytime, while bright fuchsia makes a fun nighttime statement.

When choosing pink jewelry, I’m careful not to overpower my look. One or two statement pink pieces, like a cuff bracelet or bold cocktail ring, are sufficient. Anything more risks looking overdone.

I like to accessorize further by matching my shoes or handbag to the pink jewelry. A fuchsia bag paired with pink gemstone earrings and a navy dress pulls the whole outfit together.

Pink is a great jewelry choice when I want to add a subtle touch of color to my navy outfits. It works for both formal and casual dressy occasions.

Navy and Yellow Jewelry Play Up Complementary Contrast

Yellow Jewelry with blue dress

Yellow seems like an unexpected color choice with navy blue at first. But since they’re complementary hues, yellow and navy pair incredibly well together. The contrast really makes both colors pop.

Bright, sunny yellows add vibrancy against the darker navy backdrop. Mustard yellow brings out the warmth in the blue tones. I opt for the yellow that best complements the particular shade of my navy dress.

When wearing yellow and navy together, I keep other jewelry simple. Unadorned silver, gold, or rose gold pieces allow the yellow jewelry to take center stage. A pair of yellow gemstone earrings or a bold citrine cocktail ring make enough of a statement.

To enhance the complementary color play even further, I’ll carry a yellow purse or wear matching yellow pumps with my navy and yellow jewelry outfit. But I avoid going overboard with too many yellow accessories.

The yellow jewelry instantly lifts my whole navy blue dress look. It’s eye-catching, yet still classy.

Emerald Green Jewelry for a Dramatic Navy Look

Green Jewelry with blue dress

Looking to really stand out? Then emerald green jewelry paired with a navy dress will ensure all eyes are on you. This dramatic color combo is a showstopper.

I opt for emerald greens with blue undertones rather than warmer grassy greens to complement the navy dress shades. And I pay attention to the jewelry’s overall style based on the formality of my dress.

For a gala or cocktail party, I might wear bold emerald drop earrings and a matching statement necklace. With a navy day dress, smaller studs or a delicate bracelet are classier options.

When choosing emerald and navy pieces, I incorporate metallic accents like silver, gold, or rose gold. This adds a nice visual dimension to keep the green from looking flat.

While this striking color pairing works year-round, I especially love it during the festive holiday season. A navy velvet dress with emerald jewelry is just perfect for a December wedding or New Year’s Eve party.

Colorful Stones in Jewelry Pop Against Navy Dresses

stones Jewelry with blue dress

Why stick to just one color when you can have a whole rainbow? Multicolored stone jewelry instantly livens up any navy outfit.

I’m drawn to pieces with deep yet bright gemstone hues like emerald, sapphire, amethyst, topaz, citrine, and ruby. These colors highly contrast and complement the navy shade.

Bolder statement jewelry with colorful stones pairs best with my simpler navy dresses. For embellished navy looks, I scale down to delicate rings, bracelets, and necklaces. I want to avoid competing with the dress details.

Matching jewelry metals to my navy dress is important for a cohesive look. I’ll do colorful stone pieces in silver, white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold based on what complements the dress best.

Since the jewelry itself makes a splash, I keep other accessories minimal. A neutral clutch and basic pumps let the vivid stone colors really stand out.

Conclusion: Choose Jewelry to Showcase Your Navy Dress

As you can see, navy blue dresses pair beautifully with all different shades of jewelry. Silver, gold, pearls, red, pink, yellow, green, and multi-stones all work.

When accessorizing, opt for pieces in colors that enhance your particular navy dress rather than compete with it. The goal is to let your dress take the spotlight while the jewelry provides an extra dash of color, sparkle, and interest.

Consider the dress details, neckline, and occasion when selecting jewelry. And always choose items that reflect your personal style. Play with mixing various jewelry pieces and colors for new pairings you might not have thought to try before.

Have fun coming up with creative ways to accessorize your navy dresses! The right jewelry makes any navy outfit so much more special. You’ll be surprised at how the jewelry colors bring out the richness in the blue tones. Get ready to dazzle in your navy dress.

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