How Much Do Braids Cost? 2024 price

Braids are one of the most popular hairstyles among youth today. With the variety of braided styles available, more and more people are exploring the endless possibilities that braids have to offer. As braids grow in popularity, a common question arises: how much do braids cost?

The cost of braids can vary greatly depending on the type of braids, the length of your hair, and where you get them done. In this guide, I will break down the factors that influence braiding prices and provide typical price ranges for some of the most popular braided styles.

What Makes Braids So Popular

What Makes Braids So Popular

Before diving into the pricing details, let’s first look at why braids are such a craze lately. Here are some of the biggest advantages braids offer:

  • Protect hair from damage. Unlike chemicals and heat styling, braids don’t damage your hair. The tight plaiting keeps the hair strands protected. This makes braids ideal for transitioning from damaged hair to healthy hair.
  • Versatility: There are endless styles you can create with braids. From micro braids to French braids, knotless braids to goddess braids, the styling options are limitless. You can easily switch up your look without cutting or chemically treating your hair.
  • Low maintenance: Most braided styles allow you to easily wash and moisturize your hair. You can go weeks without having to redo your hair. The tightness of braids also prevents frizz and shrinkage.
  • Length retention: Keeping your hair braided helps retain length as your hair continues to grow but stays protected inside the plaits. When you take your braids out, you’ll notice inches of new growth.
  • Impressive styling: Braids create gorgeous designs and shapes that you simply can’t achieve with loose hair. The intricate braiding patterns almost look like a work of art on your head!

The Expertise Behind Braiding Hair

Creating clean parts and tight, uniform braids is harder than it looks. This is why most people rely on experienced braiders to get their braids done.

Unlike a simple blowout or trim, braiding requires technical expertise and skills developed over time. Professional braiders train for years to master intricate braiding techniques. Their leveled-up skills and artistic eye are what make braided hairstyles look so sleek and impressive.

So while you can braid your hair, the finish and longevity likely won’t match what a pro can deliver. This is why most people get their braids done at African hair braiding salons or by freelance Mexican braiders. Paying for their expertise is well worth it for picture-perfect braided styles!

Factors That Influence Braiding Costs

Now that we’ve covered why braids are so popular and the skill behind braiding, let’s get into the pricing details. Here are the main factors that determine how much you’ll pay to get your hair braided:

Types of Braids

The type of braiding technique used is the biggest factor affecting price. Intricate braids take much longer to create than simple, large braids. Here are some guidelines on pricing based on braid type:

  • Microbraids: These are tiny, thin braids that lay close to the scalp. They require the most labor and can cost between $150 and $450.
  • Small braids: Slightly bigger than micro braids, small braids may cost $140 – $300.
  • Medium braids: Great for versatile styling, medium box braids range from $125 – $275.
  • Large braids: The thicker, chunkier braids that are quicker to braid. The price is around $100 – $225.
  • Jumbo braids: The quickest, easiest braid type. Jumbo braids may cost $75 – $175.

Length of Hair

The longer your natural hair length, the more time it takes to section, detangle and braid up your hair. Short hair can be braided in just a few hours while braiding extra long hair can take multiple long days. Adjust pricing accordingly for your current hair length.

Quality of Hair

If your hair is strong, healthy, and untangled – it will be easier for stylists to grip the hair and braid smoothly. Brittle, damaged, matted hair takes more time and skill to work with. Be prepared to pay extra if your hair condition is poor.

Added Designs

Unique braiding patterns, cuffs, knots, curved parts, colored braiding hair – any extra design elements will raise the total price. The time needed to create detailed designs must be accounted for.


Like all beauty services, location plays a big role in braiding costs. Prices are higher in expensive big cities compared to small rural towns. Even neighborhoods within the same city can have different pricing standards.

Experience of Stylist

Highly skilled, experienced braiders charge more than beginners. But new braiders may offer discounts as they build expertise. Get feedback about quality of service if trying a new braider.

Cost Breakdown for Popular Braided Styles

Now let’s get into real price ranges for some of the most sought-after braided styles. I’ll also overview what factors make each braid type unique.

Box Braids Cost

Box braids remain one of the most classic and versatile braided styles. Here is an overview of how box braid pricing breaks down:

Braid Size

The size of the box braids is the primary price factor. As we discussed earlier:

  • Micro braids range from $150 – $450
  • Small braids range between $140 – $300
  • Medium braids range from $125 – $275
  • Large braids range around $100 – $225
  • Jumbo braids range from $75 – $175

Design Complexity

Box braids can be enhanced by creative parts, plaits, knots, and color for extra styling flair. These design elements require more labor and expertise, increasing the total cost.

Knotless Box Braids

Knotless box braids are a huge trend right now for their beautiful, flawless look. The seamless braiding technique costs more time and skill, so prepare to pay $50 – $100 extra for knotless box braids.

Location Pricing

Like all braid types, box braid costs vary enormously nationwide:

  • Major cities like New York City and Los Angeles have prices starting at $150 – $200.
  • Mid-size cities like Atlanta and Dallas can range from $100 – $150 for basic styles.
  • Smaller towns and rural areas often charge $50 – $100.

Stylist Expertise

Box braids done by an experienced stylist who’s known for flawless braiding can cost 20% – 50% more than average pricing. But you pay for perfection!

How Much Do Knotless Braids Cost?

As we just covered, knotless box braids cost more than traditional box braids. But knotless can be used for all braid types. Here are some typical price ranges:

  • Knotless Goddess braids – $200 – $600
  • Knotless Senegalese twists – $150 – $400
  • Knotless block braids – $100 – $300

What makes knotless braids so expensive? The knotless technique requires carefully wrapping hair around the braid versus knotting at the roots. This preserves your edges and allows hair to flow and move naturally. But the meticulous skill results in higher pricing.

The cost also depends on:

  • Hair length – Extra long braids cost more.
  • Hair density – More hair needs more labor.
  • Type of hair – Human hair is pricier than synthetic.

Celebrities like Beyoncé have made knotless braids an A-list style. The flawless, flowing look is well worth the investment for special occasions or vacations.

Two French Braids Cost

French braids never go out of style. Here’s what to expect for standard French braid pricing:

  • Short hair French braids – $50 – $80
  • Medium hair French braids – $80 – $100
  • Long hair French braids – $100 – $120

Extra factors like adding extensions, braiding intricate designs, braiding very thick hair, or braiding at an upscale salon can raise prices higher.

The location also impacts price. Braiders in expensive big cities like San Francisco and New York City often charge $10 – $20 more per braid than in small towns.

French braids are common for celebrity style inspiration. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, and Vanessa Hudgens regularly rock stylish French braid looks.

Goddess Braids Cost Around the World

Goddess braids are beloved for their regal, larger-than-life aesthetic. Let’s look at typical goddess braid pricing globally:

  • Kenya – Goddess braids range from Ksh 500 to Ksh 800 ($5-$8 USD).
  • Jamaica – Expect to pay JMD 4,000 to JMD 10,000 ($25-$60 USD).
  • South Africa – Prices are ZAR 120 to ZAR 1,500 ($7-$90 USD).

Factors like braider experience, design complexity, hair length, and more influence the price like all braid styles. But goddess braids guarantee a gorgeous, head-turning look no matter where you get them done!

Key Takeaways on Braiding Costs

By now it’s clear that many factors impact how much you’ll pay for braids. Let’s recap the key points:

  • Braid type – Micro braids are the most expensive, and jumbo are the least expensive. Intricate techniques cost more.
  • Hair length – Long hair takes more time and labor.
  • Hair quality – Healthy, strong hair is easier to braid than damaged hair.
  • Design complexity – Creative styles and embellishments cost more.
  • Location – Big cities are pricier than rural areas.
  • Stylist skill – Experts charge more than new braiders.

While braids aren’t the cheapest style, they last for weeks and protect your natural hair. Proper braid maintenance also optimizes longevity.

Always do your research on average pricing in your area. Consult with your stylist about options in your budget for the look you want.

With the versatility, beauty, and care braids offer, they are well worth the investment! Your braids express personal style while allowing hair health optimization.

Let your natural tresses thrive while enjoying effortlessly perfect braid looks with this expert cost knowledge in hand.

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