Ariana Grande Greatest Hits Coffret Gift Set

As an avid Ariana Grande fan, I was thrilled to learn about the recent launch of the Ariana Grande Greatest Hits Coffret Gift Set. This holiday gift set allows fans like myself to experience a collection of Ariana’s most popular fragrances in miniaturized forms, providing the perfect opportunity to sample her greatest hits in fragrance.

In this article, I provide a detailed review of the Ariana Grande Greatest Hits Coffret Gift Set – from an overview of the gift set to a breakdown of each iconic fragrance included. Whether you’re looking to gift this set to a fellow Arianator or want to treat yourself, read on to discover why this is a must-have for any Ariana Grande fragrance aficionado.

An Overview of Ariana Grande’s Fragrance Gift Set

The Ariana Grande Greatest Hits Coffret Gift Set is priced at $48 and comes packaged in a sleek metal tin, giving it a polished, gift-ready look. Inside, you’ll find six miniature bottles of Ariana’s top-selling fragrances, including newer releases like A Woman to cult favorites like Sweet Like Candy.

The minis are perfectly sized at 0.22-0.25oz each, making them ideal for popping in your purse for on-the-go touch ups. Despite the small size, the bottle designs stay true to the full sizes with Ariana’s signature shape and aesthetic. Overall, this giftable set offers a comprehensive way to experience the highlights of Ariana’s fragrance empire.

Ariana Grande Woman Eau de Parfum

One of the most exciting parts of this gift set is that it includes Ariana’s newest scent, Woman Eau de Parfum, which launched just last year. This fragrance has quickly become a favorite amongst fans for its inspiring meaning and blend of luxurious notes.

With top notes of ambrette and juicy pear, the scent opens with a sweet Fruit Loops cereal vibe. It then unfurls into a floral heart of Turkish rose petals, Madagascan vanilla orchid, and ylang-ylang. Finally, it dries down to a sultry base of creme de musk, amberwood, and cashmere musk.

This addictive blend creates a bold, empowering aura that feels feminine, sensual, and divine. Woman makes me feel like the confident, radiant goddess Ariana sings about. Its beautiful bottle decorated with bold letters also looks gorgeous on my vanity.

Ariana Grande R.E.M. Eau de Parfum

Ariana Grande R.E.M. Eau de

Another standout in this fragrance set is Ariana Grande R.E.M. Eau de Parfum, which whisks you away to a dreamy world. Launched in 2018, this scent has accumulated a loyal fanbase for its ethereal vibes.

It opens with sparkling top notes of fig and salted caramel to mimic REM sleep. The heart blooms with lavender blossoms and plumeria for a soothing floral aroma. Finally, it dries down with musky tones of tonka bean and sandalwood.

Spritzing on R.E.M. feels like entering a luminous dreamscape with its fantastical yet calming scent trail. The pale purple bottle also looks like something plucked from a fantasy realm. Overall, this transportive fragrance is perfect for days when I want to feel relaxed, whimsical, and free.

Ariana Grande Thank U, Next Eau de Parfum

Ariana Grande Thank U

No Ariana fragrance collection would be complete without Thank U, Next Eau de Parfum, which was created based on her chart-topping album. Released in 2019, this perfume embodies the confidence and resilience Ariana sings about in her music.

It opens with an effervescent rush of sparkling raspberry, pear, and bergamot. The heart blooms into a feminine blend of coconut, pink rose petals, and crème de coconut. Finally, it dries down to a sensual base of praline, creamy vanilla, and blonde woods.

Thank U, Next’s fruity gourmand profile empowers me to fearlessly move forward. And the perfume’s name reminds me to let go of what no longer serves me. Every spritz gives me a splash of Ariana’s signature sass and strength.

Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum

Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de

For days when I need a comforting pick-me-up, I reach for Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum. This crowd-pleasing scent from 2018 evokes plush coziness with its heavenly blend.

It opens with an effervescent pop of lavender blossom, coconut, and pear. The heart blends airy whipped cream with praline and vanilla orchid for a pillowy soft sensation. Finally, it settles into a soothing base of cashmere woods, musk, and amber.

Cloud’s name and branding perfectly encapsulates its snuggly aura. The baby blue bottle looks like an adorable cloud floating on my shelf. And the scent cocoons me in the softest, dreamiest hug. I can’t help but smile every time I spritz on this comforting fragrance.

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum

For the days I want to indulge my sweet tooth, Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum satisfies my cravings. Launched in 2016, this gourmand scent delivers a sugary sweet perfume experience.

It opens with effervescent blackberry and bergamot zest. The heart intoxicates with marshmallow and whipped vanilla for pillowy softness. Finally, it tempts with notes of creme de cacao, musk, and amber in the base.

Sweet Like Candy conjures images of pink cotton candy, fruity candy necklaces, and clouds of powdered sugar. The playful yet sophisticated fragrance makes me feel youthful and flirty. And the pink bottle resembles a chic piece of candy. For a sweet scent fix, this perfume always hits the spot.

Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum

Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum

Finally, no Ariana fragrance retrospective would be complete without her signature scent, Ari by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum. Launched in 2015, this perfume started it all and remains beloved by fans today.

It opens with the vibrant fruits of grapefruit, pear, and raspberry. The heart charms with lily of the valley and rose petals. Finally, it dries down to a cozy base of marshmallow, musk, and woods.

This vibrant, fruity floral encapsulates Ariana’s essence with its fresh yet feminine vibes. Ari makes me feel playful, cozy, and connected to my inner girly side. And the stylish red bottle looks so chic displayed with my collection. For me, this iconic perfume will always have a special place on my vanity.

Why The Ariana Grande Fragrance Gift Set Is Worth It

After reviewing each fragrance included in the Ariana Grande Greatest Hits Coffret Gift Set, it’s clear why this is a must-have for any fan. Having these six minis allows me to switch between my favorite Ariana scents whenever the mood strikes.

Despite the small size, each perfume maintains its depth and complexity. And the coffret keeps them neatly in one place so I can find my next spritz. Plus, the gift-ready tin makes this an amazing Ariana-themed present for fellow Arianators.

At just $48, this collection offers incredible value considering full bottles retail for $60+ each. If you want to explore Ariana’s most popular fragrances, this greatest hits compilation is the perfect way to do so. So if you’re an Ariana fanatic like me, grab this set to complete your perfume wardrobe.

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